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The Andersons Family


Eclectic Family Lifestyle


If you ever met the Anderson family– you would never forget them.  That’s why I’m so excited to share this lifestyle shoot of them.   Johnny and Melanie live in the South Bay of Los Angeles with their 5 kids.  They recently added a new addition to their family– baby Clementine.  Just months ago the family had experienced some large trials with birth and labor complications, but God faithfully carried them through the experience and they are incredibly grateful for each day they spend together.

When you enter their living room you are greeted by an eclectic painting of a family that Johnny found at a yard sale by the artist  Fernando Botero.  Botero is known for his paintings and sculptures of people of exaggerated or obese size.   Not many people would put a painting like that in their living room and that is one of the reasons why I love the Anderson family and their eclectic style.  Another wall is graced by a monochrome painting Johnny painted of Jesus and his crown of thorns, paired with a hashtag, midcentury furniture, and an orange chair to add pop.  His wife, Melanie, styled their entire house from vintage finds to newly crafted furniture from Etsy artisans.  Their living room table was hand crafted by Sean Kearns of Urban Wood, specializing in live edge wood furniture.  Melanie also homeschools her talented kids.

Johnny founded Yer Cheat’n Heart in the South Bay– 2 tattoo shops with one just steps from the sand in Hermosa Beach.    He also serves the homeless in Hermosa Beach through his church.  Check out this article written about him.

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