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Hursh Family




During their last day in Los Angeles, I got to meet up with the Hursh family before they checked out of their camping spot along Doc Weiler Beach.   Their vintage Air Stream gleamed in the sun amongst a row of modern boxy RV’s, claiming it’s right to gaze upon the California waves breaking on the shore.   Halfway done with their road trip from Texas to the California Coast, the Hursh family were on their way back home.  Yet, Los Angeles was also their home– home before they moved to Texas a few years ago.

I met Shauna after I had my second son.  Just a block from the  beach  her crafted clothing hung in her store.   Since then she has moved to Texas and her  clothing line, Poor Pitiful Pearl, has boomed.   From her kids clothing, to  the interior of their Air Stream–you can see Shauna’s creative eye and hand in whatever she does.