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Baby Jonah


Loved photographing this home lifestyle baby session! Baby Jonah was just 2 months old when I photographed him and Ana. I love the interaction between mothers and their babies; those real moments of relationship is what every mother wants to remember.  When I shoot babies and mothers during this stage, I am filled with memories of what it was like being a new parent: having a complete lifestyle change, changing diapers 8 times a day/night, not being sure if you were adequate, nursing non stop with its hardships, learning the baby’s rhythms, having sleepless nights, and so on.   Eventually though, as time passes, you become a pro and all these new challenges become easier and part of the routine.

I shot this session just a few days before the Matsons moved into their new home. It’s so precious to have such memories documented at each stage of life, which is why I’m so passionate about recording these moments for families.  I moved several times with my kids and each place tells a story where I was in my life, my maturity, my relationships with my husband and friends, and how I had changed.  When I look back at old pictures, my memories are stirred and I am taken back into the pages of time of motherhood.


Home Lifestyle Baby Session Bernadette Madden Photography


Lifestyle Baby SessionHome Lifestyle Baby Session Bernadette Madden Photography


Lifestyle Baby SessionHome Lifestyle Baby Session Bernadette Madden Photography

Home Lifestyle Baby Session Bernadette Madden Photography2



Ana and her husband are both musicians that serve together at RCC and have an album out called “Reclaimed“.

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